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About Us

SUN RISE REHAB is here for you!

Sun Rise Rehab is a friendly out-patient physical therapy facility which is known for providing quality care & professional service from our multi-cultural, bilingual, and caring staff that has a passion for getting you better in an encouraging atmosphere.


With over 24yrs of experience, our Licensed Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant have the knowledge and skill to personalize your treatment plan in the most effective means of getting results. We work as a team with your referring physician and any specialized healthcare provider to help you get better.

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Our Treatment Approach :

A comprehensive treatment which may include, but not limited to hands on/ manual therapy, massage, moist heat/ cryo-therapy, electric stimulation, ultrasound or Deep Laser Therapy, will be customized to address your unique condition. The time it takes to achieve your therapeutic goals to restore your previews functional level depends on several factors; such as how traumatic to injury occurred, the length of time you had the condition prior to seeking treatment, and consistency of physical therapy treatments to achieve long term results.

You are an active participant in your care.

You will understand the causes of your problem. Become more aware of how effective your treatment is and how it impacts your daily activities so we can continue to progress your treatment as needed. Be given instruction of exercises to self-manage your symptoms in between treatments and the proper tools to prevent reinjure.